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Dyed Chicks: Cute, but Illegal?

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Dying chicks is raising some controversy.

With Easter approaching, it is not surprising to see children dying eggs all different colors. But, some take things one step further and actually dye the chick! Brightly colored chicks can be obtained by either injecting dye into the incubated egg or spraying the chick after it hatches.  As the New York Times reported, farmers say it is harmless.  Others, however, object to the practice and are concerned with turning a living animal into a toy for the holidays.  In fact, about half of the states have laws against this activity.  Last month, Florida tried to overturn its 45-year-old ban on dying animals.  Animal rights groups have objected.  The color only lasts a few weeks, as they shed their fluff and grow feathers of normal color.  The Florida law is currently still in place, and besides dyeing animals, it also bans selling or giving away chicks until they are four weeks old.

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