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Millett Sets Record in Front of Supreme Court

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Patricia Millet has now argued more cases in front of the Supreme Court than any other woman.

Yesterday, Patricia Millett argued her record 31st case at the Supreme Court. Previously, TeenJury reported on Lisa Blatt, her friend and former record holder for women in regard to Supreme Court arguments. Both women head their firms’ Supreme Court divisions. Ms. Blatt graduated from University of Texas School of Law in 1989, and Ms. Millett graduated from Harvard Law School in 1988, and therefore, both will likely argue many more cases at the Court.  In Attorney Millett’s most recent case, she defended an Indian tribe that is trying to prevent its casino in Michigan from being shut down.  In an interview several years ago in The WashingtonianMs. Millett made an interesting observation stating that she is often asked what she wears when at the Court, while her male counterparts are rarely asked such a question.  When asked though, she answers, “I wear clothes every single time.”

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